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Administrative Management

  • Draft letters and communicate as necessary to assist the Board in carrying out their responsibilities.

  • Counsel and advise Board of Directors and its committees in their day to day operations.

  • Assist in interpretation of rules of the Association and suggest possible steps for enforcement.

  • Send notices of Association meetings, prepare the agendas for said meetings, and circulate minutes of any such meetings.

  • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors.

  • Assist in preparation for the Association Annual Membership Meetings, including notices, and agendas.

  • Assist in preparation of elections by secret ballot in accordance with the Davis-Stirling Act.

  • Will attend and participate in conducting the meeting if so requested by the Board of Directors.

  • Maintain documents and complete files for all correspondence relating to the Association, such as incoming unit owner correspondence.

  • Maintain possession of all records of the affairs of the Association.

  • Make allowable Association records, available for review to Association members.  Such records shall be available for inspection and copying during Agent’s normal business hours in accordance with state laws and Association document provisions.

  • Make special mailings as requested by the Board.

  • Assist the Board in reviewing and renewing insurance coverage, including solicitation of bids for such coverage.

  • Assist in the coordinating of insurance claims.

Financial Management

  • Provide for the collection and timely deposits of all Association assessments.

  • Pay all expenses for the operation of the Association in accordance with the approved budget or as otherwise authorized by the Association’s Board of Directors.

  • Prepare monthly financial statements for the Board using TOPS Software, which was created for the management of Associations.

  • Take reasonable steps for the collection of delinquent accounts, including assessing late charges and coordination of recording liens against the delinquent owner’s property in accordance with the Association Declarations, approved collection policy, and the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.

  • Assist the Board in establishing reserve accounts.

  • Cooperate with the Association’s accountant(s) in their preparation of applicable tax returns and in their performance of audits and reviews of Association records.

  • At the direction of the Board, distribute to all Association members copies of annual financial reports, budgets, collection policies, and other publications and reports deemed necessary by the Board of Directors and applicable laws.

  • Assist the Board in preparation/drafting the pro forma operating budget.

  • Assist in coordinating with professional reserve analyst and furnishing requested documents.

  • Assist the Board in reviewing the reserve analysis as required by statute.

Maintenance Coordination

  • Offer the Board of Directors use of our staff maintenance employees to help cut costs and increase response time.

  • Assist the Board of Directors in its responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance, and management of common area and equipment, pursuant to the Association’s documents.

  • Receive maintenance requests and/or complaints concerning the Association’s common areas and communicate them to appropriate Association contractors and vendors for correction, repairs, and maintenance.

  • Perform periodic reviews of the Association common areas and facilities and submit findings, actions taken, and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Request bids from insured vendors for goods and services according to standards, specifications, and criteria as established by the Board.

  • Hire, supervise, and discharge third party contractors as may be necessary to maintain and operate the Association.

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